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Marc Bragdon

Head, Harriet Irving Research Commons
UNB Fredericton

Marc Bragdon is Head of the Harriet Irving Library Research Commons with responsibilities for supporting digital and maker pedagogies.  Marc also serves as liaison librarian for the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Education, the Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre, the Department of Culture and Media Studies (Faculty of Arts), and online learning. His research interests include the intersection of intercultural communication theory and online learning support, maker pedagogies in undergraduate instruction, and the knowledge mobilization of graduate and faculty research.  He is a former Systems Librarian for Nunavut Public Library Services.


Hamm, L, Bragdon, M., McLoughlin, J., Massfeller, H., & Hamm, L. (2021). Diversity, Growth, and Understanding: School Responses to Immigration in Rural New Brunswick. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy 197, 2-27. University of Saskatchewan.

Bail, J. & Bragdon, M. (2021). Getting on the change train: Facilitating a reframing of the liaison model. In Robin Canuel & Chad Crichton (Eds.), Approaches to Liaison Librarianship: Innovations in Organization and Engagement (p.35-54). Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries.

Hamm, L., Massfeller, H., McLoughlin, J., Bragdon, M., & Hamm, L. (2020). “Expect Nothing; Appreciate Everything”: The impact and implications of immigration, demographic changes, and increasing ethnocultural diversity on teachers, administrators, and students in a New Brunswick high school context.

Bragdon, M. (2018). Intercultural Communication and Online Course Support in Trinidad and Tobago. portal: Libraries and the Academy 18(3), 431-450. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Bragdon, M., Burke, A., Charling, C., and Nugent, T. (2008). Practice and preservation: format issues. In S. Schreibman and R. Siemans (Eds.), A Companion to digital literary studies (pp. 356-370). Oxford: Blackwell.

Gullikson, S., Blades, R., Bragdon, M., and McKibbon, S. (1999). The impact of information architecture on academic web site usability. The Electronic Library, 17(5), 293–304.

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Subject Specialties: Education, Media Arts and Cultures