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Digital Imaging

The Centre for Digital Scholarship provides professional equipment and highly trained staff to support digital publishing, collection building, and other digitization needs of the UNB community and beyond. Our projects involve a wide array of materials and formats, including historical documents (from print or microfilm), cultural artifacts, artwork (imaged locally or in situ), architectural renderings, topographical maps, and many more.

CDS Digital Imaging emphasizes best practices and scalable solutions for designing, creating and managing digital collections. Digital Imaging services include:

  • Conversion of existing collections from analogue sources
    • Documents: bound or unbound, color or b/w
    • Archival materials: sensitive handling, nondestructive imaging
    • Microfilm: 100 or 1000 ft reels, 35 and 18 mm positive or negative film
    • Oversize materials: high-resolution, digital stitching
  • Digital restoration and image enhancement (image cracks/torn edge removal, colour correction, etc.)
  • Consutaltion re: workflows, standards, choosing equipment, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Development and implementation of preservation and access strategies;
  • Development of systems to manage, access, and use images and associated texts in digital environments

CDS Imaging Services regularly works in collaboration with UNB Libraries' Systems Group to design, develop and host digital projects, featuring UNB Libraries' own collections and research from UNB faculty partners. 

For more information on CDS' digital imaging services, contact Mike Meade (Digital Imaging Coordinator). To discuss research partnerships and digital projects, please contact James MacKenzie (Director of Scholarly Technologies)

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