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Graduate Student Spaces

Fredericton Campus (see below for Saint John Campus)

Graduate Student Lounge

With uCard access for all UNB graduate students, this three room multi-use lounge provides space for studying, gathering, and for conducting and discussing research.  Includes access to a kitchenette and an interview/digital research room with an all-in-one PC and webcam.

Spaces will be bookable for graduate societies and events. We encourage graduate students from all disciplines to come to collaborate (and commiserate!) with others across campus. This is a safe space for all students in various stages of their degrees.

Graduate Student Lockers are available for rent in the Graduate Lounge. Complete a HILRC Locker Application Form_Fillable PDF.pdf and drop it off with Mattia Fonzo ( in office 316A. Each locker has a $15.00 annual fee and a $10 key deposit. Upon return of the locker year at the end of your rental, you will be given your $10.00 deposit back. 


Grad Space


Saint John Campus

Through collaborative efforts between the School of Graduate Studies (Saint John), UNB Libraries, and the VP Saint John Office, three new designated graduate study spaces are available to the Arts/IDST graduate students on the Saint John Campus.

These bookable spaces (1 in the Hans W. Klohn Commons and 2 in Oland Hall) are available during normal UNB Saint John library hours.

This pilot project focuses on providing Arts/IDST graduate students with spaces. Other graduate students, including those in Biology and Psychology departments, will not have access to this space during the pilot as they currently have suitable spaces through their academic departments and/or supervisor assigned spaces.

How can Arts/IDST students access this space?

Eligible students are required to register/apply for access to these spaces. Once approved, registered students can book one of the three rooms using the library’s room booking system. Prior registration ensures that the designated space is accessible only to Arts/IDST students.

Due to expected demand, Study Room bookings are limited to 7 hours per day, and up to a maximum of 21 hours per 7 days. Bookings can be from 1-7 hours long. You can book up to 7 days in advance of your visit.

You will need to pick up a room key at the Library Services Desk in the HWK Commons prior to your booking and return the key by the end of your booking. You will need to present identification (e.g., UCard) when you pick up the key. Failure to return the key to the library (during regular library hours) will impact other students’ use of the space. Students failing to return the key will have their name removed as a registered student for these spaces.