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Manage Course Reserves

There are three ways for instructors to create new—or maintain existing—titles on Reserve:

  1. Log in to Course Reserves from Library Homepage and follow prompts to submit request online. (
  2. Email course syllabus or reading list to the applicable library Reserve Desk.
  3. Fill out .pdf form and send to applicable library Reserve Desk. (UNB and STU form)

Items to place on Reserve

To ensure the greatest access for students, reserves staff make materials available in digital format whenever possible. Reserve material can be requested in multiple formats (PowerPoint, MP3 files, etc.):

  • Links to e-journals, e-books and most UNB Libraries'-licensed resources
  • URLs to unrestricted web content
  • Links to unrestricted audio and video content
  • Instructor-owned materials
  • DVD or AV material
  • Assignments and exams
  • Scanned copies of portions of published materials that
    • are from a legitimate copy ( complimentary desk copies);
    • meet the limits of fair dealing; and
    • are not available electronically either in our collection or freely.

Instructors must contact if items will be checked out for classroom use beyond the identified loan period. Without approved loan extensions, fines will be incurred at $5 per hour (or any portion thereof).

To ensure standard formatting, reserves staff will create the digital copies of all material to be uploaded to the reserve system. Please include as much bibliographic information as possible. If a copy of instructor-owned materials is to be placed on reserve, please make the original available to staff.

Items Not to be Placed on Reserve Without Copyright Owners’ Permission*

Generally, materials that have been originally published for a specific user (such as workbooks or assignment booklets) are considered "consumables" and are not intended for multiple copying and distribution. The following is a list of common materials that should not be copied for classroom use:

  • Business School case studies
  • Study guides
  • Workbooks
  • Personal duplicate copies of published DVDs, video cassettes, audio recordings, computer software
  • Interlibrary loan material
  • Systematic, cumulative copying of one published work for a single course in a single term (i.e. using a copy of one chapter from a book one week, and then replacing it with another for the next week)

* There may be exceptions to this list. Please contact for information on specific requests that fall outside the materials outlined above.

Loan Periods

You may choose to have your items on reserve for one of the following Reserve loan periods. If you choose to vary the Reserve loan periods, please indicate your preference.

Two-hour Reserve: Items may be borrowed at any time for two-hour periods until 30 minutes prior to closing. All material is due 15 minutes prior to closing.

One, Two or Three-day Reserve: Items may be borrowed at any time and are due back within 24 hours for one-day, within 48 hours for two-day, and within 72 hours for three-day loan periods.


Failure to return reserved material on time will incur fines at the rate of $5 per hour (or any portion thereof) charge to a maximum of $100. If materials are lost, there is a minimum $200 replacement fee that will be added to the accumulated overdue fines.

Removal of Reserves

Another significant benefit of the UNB Libraries' Course Reserves Service is your reading lists will remain available for two years after the course is completed. While physical materials and scanned materials that require copyright analysis or clearance will be removed at the end of each term, their bibliographic details remain and can be made available for future course offerings.

Unless there is a request to retain the materials for the course offering the next semester, personal materials will be returned to you and library books will be returned to the library stacks. If you do not want the book returned to you, please let us know.  Unclaimed personal materials will be considered for acquisition in accordance with the library’s Gifts Policy.

New Instructional Videos:

Contact Information

Contact the appropriate person below for further information and to arrange for your items to be placed on reserve.


Harriet Irving, Engineering & Computer Science and Science & Forestry   506-458-7064

Saint John

Hans W. Klohn Commons   506-648-5706