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Notable Collections

Archives & Special Collections
Collections of books and periodicals (c.48,000) which, for a variety of reasons, are held apart from the main library areas, are housed in the Archives & Special Collections Department of the Harriet Irving Library. Also found here are c.6,066 ft. of UNB's institutional records and private papers (historical and literary) relevant to New Brunswick.
Eileen Wallace Children's Literature
The Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection at Harriet Irving Library is the largest research collection of its kind in Atlantic Canada. The collection contains comprehensive holdings of Atlantic Canadian literature for children and has overarching strengths in folklore, notable Canadian children's books, and reproduction and original popup/moveable books.
Government Documents, Data & Maps
The Government Documents Collection reflects the work undertaken by governments in Canada and around the world on social issues, policy and legislation, and the basic elements of citizenship. We are a depository library for several jurisdictions and organizations including Depository Services Program (Canada), including Statistics Canada publications.
The Data Collection includes diverse statistical and data resources categorized into General Sources, Canadian Statistical Sources, United States Statistical Sources, and International Statistical Sources.
The Cartographic Collection includes a print collection, supplemented by a list of useful Internet sites of federal, provincial and international sources of cartographic material. We are a depository library for the federal Canada Map Office.
Loyalist Collection
The Loyalist Collection at Harriet Irving Library is a repository of Loyalist resources which is unique in Canada, contains microfilm of British, North American Colonial, and early Canadian primary sources from approximately 1740 - 1870, with the chief focus being the American Revolution, and the early years of Loyalist settlement in British North America.
The Library’s collection in this format covers a vast and diverse range of materials and subject matters, including materials from the Engineering and Science Libraries: books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, dissertations, dramatic works, government documents and much more.
Newspapers @ UNB Libraries
Newspapers @ UNB Libraries provides researchers with unified access to UNB Libraries' current and historical newspaper collections in all formats, from New Brunswick and across the world. Search and discover print, microform, and selected digital newspaper titles (including New Brunswick Historical Newspapers Online collection) available from UNB Libraries.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection
The Science Fiction and Fantasy circulating monograph collection at the Hans W. Klohn Commons contains approximately 15,000 items. The collection supports and supplement UNB teaching and research, and where possible, extracurricular interests.
SOULS - Search Other Uncatalogued Library Stuff
SOULS is a collection of records for items which were not migrated from Quest to WorldCat. We are currently working on upgrading these records; however, until such time as this is complete the discovery and retrieval of SOULS items will require staff assistance. The bulk of material in SOULS is from the Government Documents collection, and there are also items from the Microforms and the newspaper storage (HIL-STORN) collections.
For questions about material in Government Documents, please  email the Government Documents department.
For questions about material in Microforms or newspaper storage please  email the Microforms department.
UNB Scholar Research Repository
UNB Scholar is an institutional repository initiative of UNB Libraries intended to collect, preserve, showcase, and promote the open access scholarly output of the UNB community. Use UNB Scholar to explore specific collections, or search all content in the repository.
UNB Theses & Dissertations
For well over 100 years, UNB has offered graduate degrees which have had thesis requirements. Information is provided about how these UNB theses and dissertations are made available in various formats.