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Off-campus Access: Proxy And VPN

Access to electronic resources when off-campus is provide by either:

Proxy Server Access (UNB/STU)

When using the UNB Libraries web site, all licensed resources are prefixed with our proxy server. This will automatically prompt you to login, if you haven't done so already. You should only have to login once per session.

This login requires valid UNB or STU login credentials.

Off-campus links always start with:

Bookmarking e-Resources for Off-campus Access

If you are off-campus and wish to bookmark an electronic resource, it is recommended that you bookmark the link that is on the UNB Libraries web site. It contains a legitimate starting URL as well the proper proxy prefix for off-campus access.

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

  • Test the JSTOR link above. Does it prompt for the proxy login?
  • Make sure you do not have a personal proxy configured. Our proxy is invoked by the URL only.
  • Check that your security software isn't interfering with our proxy.
  • Check that you aren't behind a firewall (i.e. government firewall) that is interfering with your Internet connection
  • Use ONLY the URLs from our web site

VPN Access (UNB Only)

Once VPN access is set up, your device functions exactly as if you were on campus, securely allowing direct access to all online resources.

Details for using the VPN (login required) are available through the ITS website.

Some service providers like Explornet, don't work well with the proxy. In these cases, the VPN is a potential solution.

St. Thomas

STU is not currently permitting traffic on their VPN to route to URLs which are off-campus, e.g. EBSCO's Academic Search Complete. Therefore, even though you may be logged into the VPN, you will still be forced to authenticate through the proxy server. Use links on the library website if you are having issues with personal bookmarks or links.

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Login Problems

Please direct any questions or authentication problems to the appropriate Help Desk:

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