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UNB Libraries' contribution to Research Week

In celebration of Research Week, UNB Libraries is offering hybrid presentations on the mornings of Monday, Oct. 3 and Tuesday, Oct. 4 that highlight the many library services, technologies and expertise that can play a role in the UNB research community's success.

Registration will only be required for online participation.

For a full schedule of UNB Libraries presentations please visit:






Graduate Student Writing Café

Calling all Graduate Students! Are you writing on your own this summer? Come join the Graduate Student Writing Café. Each Wednesday from 9:00am-12:00pm, the Study Lounge (317A) in the Harriet Irving Library Research Commons will be reserved for graduate students to work on their independent writing projects.

Use this scheduled time each week to engage with other writers, stay focused, increase your productivity, and help hold yourself and your fellow graduate students accountable for getting your writing done!

Starting Wednesday July 13th, come write! Not only will you have peer support, but you will be provided with coffee and a treat to fuel your mind

This is also a great opportunity to explore the new Harriet Irving Library Research Commons and find your favourite writing location in the library. We welcome feedback and ideas for helping support our graduate students!

Join us for the graduate student writing cafe

We hope to see you there!

Fall 2022 Graduate Booster session

Fall 2022 Graduate Booster I: Scholar Profiles, Zotero for Citation Management / Google Scholar, and Text Data Mining

Learn more here:

This session will be held both online and in person in the Harriet Irving Library Research Commons' Innovation Hub (Room 316), 1:00 - 2:00 pm on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Lay a firm foundation for your research and publishing activities with this action-packed 45 minute introduction to useful practices, technologies, and people. Find out more about:

- Scholar Profiles (Mike Nason)

- Zotero for Citation Management / Google Scholar Tips and Tricks (Marc Bragdon)

- Text Data Mining (Julie Morris and Erik Moore)

Walk ins are welcome.

Register here (for online):

Presented by UNB Libraries

Covidence Systematic Reviewing Tool

UNB Libraries is pleased to announce our acquisition of Covidence, a systematic review and knowledge synthesis support tool.  You can create your new, free, unlimited Covidence account by following the instructions here: Please note that all new accounts require an email address.  Check out Covidence Academy ( to learn about how Covidence can help you with your review.

This new resource complements the library's supports and services for knowledge synthesis researchers. UNB Libraries has two knowledge synthesis searching experts; we also offer an annual workshop series that introduces the research methodology used in reviews and provide ongoing support using both synchronous and asynchronous instruction opportunities.  For more information about our systematic review and knowledge synthesis supports, or to contact one of our librarian specialists, visit our webpage here:

Happy reviewing!

Unauthorized Sharing of Teaching Materials

Have you found copies of your teaching materials online?

Are you considering sharing course materials on the internet?

Instructors at UNB have the right to protect their teaching materials from being distributed online. Copyright law protects the expression of an idea in any literary, artistic, musical, or dramatic form. This would include a syllabus, presentation slides, recording of a lecture, or other teaching materials. Any copying and distribution of substantial portions (beyond quotes) of those materials need the instructor’s permission.

See the following link for more information, or contact the Library’s Copyright Office if you have questions,

Summer Research Booster

Research Booster

Lay a firm foundation for your research and publishing with this action-packed introduction to useful practices, products, and people!

Join UNB librarians for this hybrid (in-person and online) introduction to a range or critical research resources and services, featuring lightning-round style talks about:

    - Personal identifiers in research

    - The HIL lightboard studio

    - Historical story maps

    - Research data management

    - UNB Archives

    - Systematic review research services

    - Text and data mining

    - Multidisciplinary market intelligence

    - and a tour of the Harriet Irving Library Research Commons!

This event is being hosted synchronously online over Zoom and in-person in the HIL's Data Visualization Lab on May 11th from 9:30 - 11:30.

To register, please visit our Eventbrite site.  While registration is recommended, walk-ins are welcome!

***Eventbrite link is: