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UNB Libraries Web Accessibility Statement

Our Commitment

UNB Libraries are committed to ensuring a fully accessible website for all users. All pages created and maintained by UNB Libraries have been designed to meet and exceed current standards and guidelines for accessibility.

Navigation, Website Content, and Accessibility

  • Skip Links: Skip links provided on each page allow jumping past navigation menus to page contents. Major sections are labeled “Main Content” and “Sidebar.”
  • Keyboard Navigation: For visitors who do not use a mouse, pages on this website are fully navigable using a keyboard alone. Most modern browsers support keyboard navigation, but keystrokes and shortcuts may vary depending on your browser: consult your browser’s Help menu.
  • Access Keys: To avoid conflict with keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts commonly used with some assistive software, access keys have not been assigned.
  • Images: All images that are not used for purely decorative purposes are assigned alt attributes and descriptive text.
  • Forms: All forms designed by UNB Libraries are appropriately labeled and keyboard-navigable. Where use of a CAPTCHA is required, an audio equivalent has been provided.
  • JavaScript: While JavaScript is used throughout the site, all pages are designed to be usable and navigable by users who have JavaScript disabled.
  • Resizing: Recent versions of most popular browsers provide ‘Zoom’ viewing options that will properly scale any text and images on a web page. For most browsers, zoom is typically accessed as follows:
    • Windows and Linux: Use Control + or Control -
    • Mac: Use Command + or Command -
  • Video Content: Any audiovisual content developed by UNB Libraries is provided with on-screen text and/or a text-only alternative.

Standards and Testing

UNB Libraries' website has been developed using the following:

In addition to reviewing for compliance with the standards noted above, this website has been tested with a range of assistive technologies (including JAWS and ORCA screen readers, and ZoomText magnification software), both by library staff and by assistive technology users from the university community.

Licensed Content

While we make every effort to make sure that all pages designed and maintained by us are fully accessible, the accessibility of electronic products licensed for use by UNB Libraries is most often beyond our control.

If you encounter difficulties in accessing or using any electronic resources provided by UNB Libraries, please contact the library’s Liaison for Persons with Disabilities for assistance.


Your experience and satisfaction are important to us. If you have any difficulties using this site, or if you encounter any pages which do not meet the standards mentioned above, please contact our Website Administrator.