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Microforms, Harriet Irving Library

What is it?

Microforms holds materials which have been reproduced in a reduced size requiring special equipment to read. The most common forms of micro-formats include:

  • Microfiche
  • Microprint
  • Microcard
  • Microfilm

Why use it?

The Library’s collection in this format covers a vast and diverse range of materials and subject matters, including materials from the Engineering and Science Libraries: books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, dissertations, dramatic works, government documents and much more.

Where is it?

With the exception of microforms in the Government Documents collection, most of the material in micro-format is held in the Microforms collection found in the basement of the Harriet Irving Library. The locations within Microforms are often dependent on format and are usually sub-arranged by Library of Congress call number. These locations are reflected in the Libraries’ catalogue, WorldCat, as well as in the floor plans.

  • For further explanation, see Catalogue Locations and Call Numbers, which connects to appropriate floor plans.
  • Arrangement irregularities:
    • Newspapers (HIL-MIC) are shelved in the basement by title.
    • English Literary Periodicals (HIL-MIC) are shelved in the basement by the year they were received, i.e. Year 1.
    • Early American Newspapers (HIL-MICP) are shelved in the basement by title.
    • The Loyalist Collection (HIL-MICL) is shelved by a unique call numbering system, which is alpha-numeric.
    • UNB Theses are shelved by UNB theses numbers, i.e. Thesis 344.

How would I search for microforms?

  • Most of the collections are included in the Libraries’ catalogue WorldCat, but not all; so feel free to check with staff to confirm the title of interest is available.
  • Newspaper Guide includes a searchable database for newspapers on microfilm, newspaper directories of what’s published, and searchable article databases.
  • HIL-MICGD contains accompanying guides to some of the microforms collections.
  • The Loyalist Collection catalogue searches for material within that collection.

What equipment is available and what are their capabilities?

Equipment is available to allow reading, scanning and printing from micro-format. Printing paper copies costs 15 cents/page and can be paid at the Commons Service Desk (first floor); scanning is free. Click on the equipment below for additional information for each.

  • Readers – microfilm (3):
    • Gideon 900 (Manual advance; zoom capability)
    • Gideon 1000 (Motorised advance; zoom capability)
  • Scanners (3) – Microfilm, microfiche, microprint, microcard; capabilities: viewing, scanning, saving, network printing, and emailing.
    • ScanPro 2000
    • ScanPro 3000
    • ST Viewscan

When is this material accessible?

The material and equipment are accessible for use during the Library’s hours of operation.

Is the material able to be borrowed through inter-library loan?

Yes, except for the reference materials: HIL-MICGD and HIL-MICGDL.

Services staff provide?

Staffing Hours

  • Microforms continues to respond to requests for consultation and reference questions via email from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. On site access to material can be accommodated.

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