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New e-resource: Adam Mathew Digital: Sex & Sexuality

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.


UNB Libraries is excited to announce our new e-resource:  Adam Matthew Digital: Sex & Sexuality.

This two-module collection explores changing attitudes towards human sexuality, gender identities, and sexual behaviours from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries.

Sex & Sexuality provides unprecedented access to a wealth of essential primary sources collated by prominent sex researchers and sexologists, community activists, official organizations, social reformers, and individuals. This resource aims to provide an insight into the wide-ranging breadth and experience of human sexuality from all angles, for example, scientific, historical attitudes, sexuality, and sexual behaviors.

Nature and Scope page Module 1, sourced solely from the Kinsey Institute, presents correspondence, research papers, and records spanning the tenures of the first three Kinsey Institute directors; Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey (1947-1956), Dr. Paul H. Gebhard (1956-1982) and Dr. June Reinisch (1982-1993). 

Module 2 is focused on the experiences of individuals from across the spectrum of human sexuality, including heterosexual and LGBTQI+ experiences, at different times in history--specifically from the nineteenth century to the present day. It also covers the criminalization of sexuality, both in terms of sex work and also the relentless prosecution and persecution of primarily men for "homosexual acts." Includes information on the Stonewall riots and the resulting movements for change, the beginning of the Pride parades, and the devastating HIV/AIDs crisis.

Module 2 includes further collections from the Kinsey Institute as well as collections from the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries, and The National Archives, UK, plus the Edward Carpenter Papers, the Norman Haire Collection, the National Lesbian and Gay Survey, and the Anne Lister Diaries.


Sage Research Methods Videos now available

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

See research in action through tutorials, video case studies, expert interviews, and research methods tools.

SAGE Research Methods Videos offers over 480 videos to help researchers, faculty, and students explore methods concepts, design research projects, conduct research, and write up their findings.

Since SAGE Research Methods focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and other research areas.


Book Launch: Beaver Books for a Dime

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

UNB Libraries and The Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection invite you to celebrate the launch of the book Beaver Books for a Dime: A Bibliographic History of the Children’s Books of Brunswick Press, 1952-1984

UNB Libraries and The Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection invite you to celebrate the launch of the book

Beaver Books for a Dime: A Bibliographic History of the Children's Books of Brunswick Press, 1952-1984

by Susan R Fisher and Margot Stafford

New Brunswick Bibliography Series, Volume 3
published by Gaspereau Press, 2023

4pm, Thurs May 11th, 2023

Event Space, 3rd Floor, Harriet Irving Library, UNB Fredericton
RSVP Lisa Pollock:

This is the story of how an innovative postwar publishing venture started by Fredericton’s Brunswick Press pioneered Canada’s now vibrant tradition of children’s book publishing. Under the leadership of Michael Wardell, and with the backing of Lord Beaverbrook, Brunswick Press became an early adopter of process-colour offset printing, giving it the production capacity to launch Canada’s first modern children’s picture book series in 1952. The venture was aided by the wave of cultural nationalism that followed the release of the influential Massey Report in 1951, prompting a significant expansion in the cultural and educational infrastructure both in New Brunswick and in the rest of Canada and establishing a market for Canadian-published books.

In Beaver Books for a Dime, Susan R. Fisher and Margot Stafford offer a detailed history of the juvenile publishing program carried out by Brunswick Press between 1952 and 1984, compiling a comprehensive review of all the press’s children’s titles, including editions and variants. As well as highlighting this largely unexplored catalogue, this study challenges the established narrative about children’s publishing in Canada, broadening the conversation on the history and contribution of cultural production in New Brunswick

MEF Race Studies Collection on Kanopy Streaming

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

Banner with the text "media education foundation. Race Studies Collection. The UNB Libraries logo sits bottom left, opposite the Kanopy logo and words "stream now on Kanopy", bottom right.

The 26 films in this Media Education Foundation (MEF) collection encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media.

With a special focus on representations of gender and race, and the affect these representations have on identity and culture, MEF films are especially well-suited for use in Women's Studies, Sociology, Race Studies, Communication, Anthropology, Education, and Psychology courses.

Systematic Review Essentials Workshop

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

Banner with the text "Fast-Paced 3 day workshop, Systematic Review Essentials"

UNB Libraries' Systematic Review Essentials Workshop

Instructors: Alex Goudreau, MLIS, and Richelle Witherspoon, MLIS.

Tue, May 9 – Thu, May 11, 2023
9:00am – 3:30pm

PUNB Libraries is offering a fast-paced free 3-day workshop will cover the essentials of conducting a high-quality, publishable systematic. This workshop will be hosted online using Teams.

Session topics will include:

  • Developing a protocol and search strategy
  • The importance of grey literature and how to find it
  • Critical appraisal tools and their application in SRs
  • And more!
For more information, or to register for SR Essentials, visit our Eventbrite page here

Report to Senates 2023, Towards Open.

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

Banner with the title Report to Senates 2023, Towards Open with images of three UNB Library buildings

I am very pleased to present this year’s UNB Libraries Report to Senates.

We have titled this year’s Report Towards Open, with a specific focus on the evolving scholarly communications landscape. UNB faculty and student researchers experience a publishing landscape that is dramatically different from even a few years ago. Universities across the country, and indeed across the world, are working both collaboratively and within their institutions to develop strategic approaches to the “open science” landscape. Within UNB Libraries we share the goals of our Canadian Association of Research Libraries colleagues to foster timely, equitable, and enduring global access to, and dissemination of, knowledge. We are committed to strengthening UNB’s research contributions to the advancement of science, scholarship, and the betterment of society.

While significant developments are emerging across the world for stronger “open science” policies, and gains continue to be made to ensure that the results of publicly funded research are made openly available (when appropriate), investment in these initiatives is required. As our Report explains, UNB Libraries actively supports our researchers in meeting their own publishing objectives, and in meeting open access requirements. We contribute to the national commitment to sharing and preserving the outputs of Canadian research, and to containing the costs of subscribed access.

With our Report to Senates we are seeking a commitment from UNB at an institutional level for an Open Access Policy, aligned with the role that UNB Libraries plays in contributing our expertise, our services, and support locally for UNB researchers and the necessary regional, national, and international open infrastructures and services. I invite you to read our Report.

Read this year's report:

Report to Senates 2023, Towards Open.

You will find a draft version of a UNB Open Access Policy as Appendix A, for which your support is requested.

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Lesley Balcom,
Dean of Libraries

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