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Systematic Review Essentials Workshop

This free fast-paced 3-day workshop offered by UNB Libraries will cover the essentials of writing a high-quality systematic review.

Anthroposcream: Fiction Writing in the Climate Crisis

This one-hour workshop will address the concept of the Anthropocene, and the fraught relationships between human and nonhuman animals therein. It will also explore the difficulties and possibilities of creative writing within the climate emergency,

Zotero Workshops

Upcoming Workshops with Richelle Witherspoon and Aggie Sliwka on October 24th and 28th.

3D Print Workshops

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

If you are curious about the applications of 3D printing, how it works, and would like to try it out, visit one of our introductory one-hour regular weekly workshops, running from March 1 to April 8, where you will learn how to: