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Physical Spaces

Science & Forestry Library Closed: April 23 – August 31

The Science & Forestry Library will be closed to library users April 23rd – August 31st, 2018.

Materials from this collection are available by request. Email or phone 506-453-4756 to request materials or for an appointment to retrieve items from the stacks. Requested items including document delivery requests may be picked up at the Harriet Irving Library or the Engineering & Computer Science Library

The Harriet Irving Library and Engineering & Computer Science Library will be open as usual: Hours of Operation.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. The Science & Forestry Library is being used this summer to manage a large library system-wide storage project.

New Photography Exhibit

A new Photography Exhibit REFLECTIONS is located on the 1st floor of the Harriet Irving Library.

REFLECTIONS is the product of three years of Adam Travis’ work at the Brunswickan, the campus paper of the University of New Brunswick. Each photo essay highlights a facet of life at UNB and the unique experiences lived by different groups on campus. Despite the fact that an exhibit that showcases the full diversity of UNB would require an exhibit many times larger, many students should find some similarities between their own stories and the stories shown here: from the changing seasons of campus life to the triumph and heartache felt by student athletes, the struggle to balance our wants and obligations felt by Phil Taber and truly unique academic experiences, such as the cardboard boat race.

Photography Exhibit     Photography Exhibit     Photography Exhibit     Photography Exhibit



Digital Media Editing Studio @ HIL


In recognition of the increasing use of digital media modalities for academic and creative expression, UNB Libraries is now providing space for working on media projects (e.g. video, sound, and image, 3D). The studio is primarily intended to meet the multimedia creation and editing needs of UNB students.

The Digital Media Editing Studio is equipped with three 27″ iMacs with Retina 5K display, each loaded with the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software applications as well as iMovie and Garageband. Studio quality headphones (ATH-M20x) and Apple SuperDrives to read optical media such as CDs and DVDs are also available.

This new studio supports the creative learning environment at UNB Libraries. We’ve got the space and the tools for you to do your best work. Drop by and check out the new studio in the John B. McNair Learning Commons on the first floor of the Harriet Irving Library.

If you would like more information about the new Digital Media Editing Studio, please contact Marc Bragdon, Film Librarian at UNB Fredericton, (506-458-7741).

Find more information about media in UNB Libraries’ Guide to Film, Image, and Sound Collections and Guide to Media Arts and Cultures.


For additional help with using UNB Libraries’ resources, consult our online
Research Help pages or contact the help desk of any library at UNB.

You can also Ask Us for help by email, by Instant Message, or by
Text (506.800.9044).



Need to study for exams? UNBF Libraries is the place to be.

Extra Hours:

Until December 16th, all libraries are open until Midnight!
See Complete Hours

Extra Quiet:

Shhhhhh…it’s QUIET STUDY TIME everywhere in the libraries!

Extra Study Space:

In the Harriet Irving Library, check out the new seating and study spaces on the 3rd floor–at the east and west ends of the building! Plus, all the instructional rooms in the HIL are open and quiet study spaces until the end of exams–on the 1st floor of the HIL, check out the Milham Room (100), the Learning Lab (112), and the Reading Room (109); on the 3rd floor, check out the DATA/GIS Lab (310); on the 4th floor, check out the Nan Gregg Room, the Beaverbrook Room, and the Seminar Room (417); on the 5th floor, check out the open study lounge.

In the Science & Forestry Library, check out the various study areas.

In the Engineering & Computer Science Library, check out the Reading Room and Study Hall.

And don’t forget–individual study carrels and group study rooms are located in all the libraries.

Extra Coffee:

The Commons Café in the HIL will be open for extended hours during the exam period!

HIL Cafe Hours Extended During Exam Period


Need more COFFEE???

The Commons Café in the HIL will be open for extended hours during the exam period:

Wednesday, Dec 7th (7:30am-10pm)

Thursday, Dec 8th (7:30 am-10pm)

Friday, Dec 9th (7:30am-9pm)

Saturday, Dec 10th (10am-9pm)

Sunday, Dec 11th (10am-10pm)

Monday, Dec 12th (7:30am-10pm)

Tuesday, Dec 13th (7:30am-10pm)

Wednesday, Dec 14th (7:30am-10pm)

Thursday, Dec 15th (7:30am-10pm)

Friday, Dec 16th (7:30am-9pm)

Saturday, Dec 17th (10am-6:30pm)

Remember that it’s QUIET STUDY TIME at UNB Libraries!

AirMedia In HIL Group Study Rooms

The HIL has 6 group study rooms equipped with Wireless Presentation Systems (AirMedia). These systems function with personal or library-loaned laptops, allowing students to wirelessly access the projector system in the room.

Information about the Wireless Presentation Systems is available from CETL.

Media set-up instructions are also available at the HIL Commons Service Desk.


HIL Group Study Rooms

Image of a group studying together

Need a cool space to meet during the hot days of summer?

The Harriet Irving Library has 8 air-conditioned Group Study Rooms that are available to all members of the university community over the summer!

All rooms have wireless internet access and many are equipped with whiteboards or SMARTboards to facilitate collaborative work or presentations. No need to book in advance–the rooms will be open and available for walk-in use by UNB or STU students, faculty, and staff.

(Please note these rooms are not intended to be used for classroom instruction.)

Graduate Study Carrels

Graduate study carrels are small offices that can be used by full-time graduate students who require quiet study space to prepare theses/dissertations. The Harriet Irving Library is pleased to offer two options–bookable graduate carrels and private graduate carrels.

Bookable Graduate Carrels

Ten study carrels on the 5th floor of the Harriet Irving Library have been designated “bookable graduate carrels” that can be booked only by full-time graduate students, free of charge, in advance, for a period of one week (Monday @ 10am until the following Monday @ 9am). A refundable $30 key deposit is required to claim the carrel key.

Book online!

Private Graduate Carrels

Twenty study carrels on the 5th floor of the Harriet Irving Library have been designated “private graduate carrels” that can be rented by graduate students for either one term or one academic year; the cost to rent a private graduate carrel is $50/term, plus a refundable $30 key deposit. Preference will be given to PhD students who are working on their dissertations and who are in greatest need of this space.

Download the application form and submit your completed form to the Commons Service Desk at the HIL.

Please consult the Conditions of Use for Graduate Study Carrels.

Little Library In The Lounge

UNB Libraries presents the Little Library in the Lounge at the 2015 Canada-Wide Science Fair (11-16 May), Canada’s premier youth science event, that is coming to New Brunswick for the first time ever!

As part of their evening activities, participants are welcome to use the multi-purpose lounge in the Blue Room at the Student Union Building (SUB) where UNB Libraries will offer a range of reading materials, such as graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and illustrated books.

We would be able to look up book reviews or find any other information you may need from the library’s website and resources. We are happy to talk about books, science, Fredericton, or even the weather!

Come by to pick up a free copy of Science magazine or one of our science-themed bookmarks!

Little Library in the Lounge Hours:

  • Sunday, May 10- 7:00pm-10:00pm
  • Monday, May 11- 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Wednesday, May 13- 7:00pm-10:00pm
  • Thursday, May 14- 8:30-10:00pm
  • Friday, May 15- 7:30pm-10:00pm
  • Saturday, May 16- 7:00pm-10:00pm

If you have any questions or concerns about the Little Library in the Lounge, please contact Susan Fisher, Curator of the Children’s Literature Collection.

New Dual Monitor Lab

UNB Libraries are pleased to announce the completion of a new dual monitor lab on the third floor of the Harriet Irving Library, in room 310!

Be sure to check out this newly developed space where you can study, learn, and create on brand new Dell workstation class computers with dual monitors!

If you have any questions about the new lab, the Government Documents, Data & Maps staff (3rd floor HIL) and the Research Help Desk staff (1st floor HIL) are available to help you.

Contact Government Documents, Data & Maps

Website: //

Phone: (506) 453-4752


Contact Research Help Desk

Phone: (506) 453-3546


Text: (506) 800-9044

Instant Message

Dual Monitor Lab