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New Document Delivery System

In 2002, the University of New Brunswick became part of a resources sharing group of Atlantic Province universities known as the East Coast Relais Consortium.

Beginning January 10, 2005, the use of a new group wide online request form will expedite the processing and routing of requests. To access the new form and to learn about the changes to the submission process, please go to //www.lib/

Important Changes:

  • To access the form you MUST have a current UNB or STU id card.
  • Authentication information required to login:
    • User login: your barcode number on your university id card.
    • Password: the first part of your university email address( letters/numbers before@). This must be in upper case.
    • [ Note: If your id card has not been activated please contact the Circulation Department at the Harriet Irving Library or the Registrar’s Office of your university. The web form will not be accessible to you until the day following activation of your id card. ]
  • Messaging will be sent to UNB or STU email accounts ONLY.
  • Requests not including a “date not needed by” may be dropped after 30 days.