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Workshop: Introduction to Podcasting and Audio Projects

Introduction to Podcasting and Audio Projects Workshop with Marc Bragdon

Thursday March 9th from 1 to 4pm

Digital Scholarship Hub, Room 320A (in person only)
Harriet Irving Library Research Commons

In 3 hours or less - with generous breaks - we will cover the basics of:

  • Microphones
    what they are and how to choose and use them in various recording environments
  • Software for recording and editing
    we will use Audacity since it is freely available for Mac and PC but also talk about more advanced options and why you would consider them
  • Principals of audio story telling
    i.e., how sound shapes a narrative and how to write and edit for an audience of ears 
  • Sound design
    adding music and special effects that serve your story rather than distract from them - and where to find these

All you need is a laptop or tablet and by the end of our time you'll have your first - albeit very short - podcast along with many ideas and tips for going further.

To register, please email