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Web Of Science Cancellation And Access To Online Journals

This news post is more than one year old. Some information may have changed.

Don’t panic! You still have access to the online journals that you may have found using the database Web of Science. You can still get to your destination (online content), but you now need to take a different route to get there.

Let us explain. It may have seemed as if your online journal articles were provided by Web of Science because you could easily click on the “Check for Fulltext” link to get to your final destination (the fulltext of the article). However, that “Check for Fulltext” link has been added by UNB Libraries to move users seamlessly from the database in which the citation for an article has been found to the database in which the fulltext of the article is held. The important distinction is between databases that index bibliographical records and enable you to discover relevant citations on the one hand and databases that provide content (e.g. the fulltext of articles) on the other.

UNB Libraries never purchased journal content from Web of Science—rest assured, the online journal content is still available. What’s changed is the finding process—instead of “discovering” citations in Web of Science and then proceeding to the fulltext held in other databases, you will now need to “discover” relevant citations in other indexing databases that are identified under the “Find Articles” TAB of the Subject Guide for your discipline.

If you would like some help identifying other indexing databases that you can use to discover citations to relevant articles before linking to the fulltext, do not hesitate to contact your Liaison Librarian or Ask Us for help (by instant message, text message, email, or phone) or in person at our Research Help Desks.