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UNB Libraries Receive Funding From Indirect Costs Of University Research Grant

With the promise of $400,000 from the Indirect Costs of University Research Grant awarded to UNB, UNB Libraries are planning a leap forward in the provision of electronic resources as well as a back-to-the-basics initiative to improve the book collection. The benefit of these new resources will be felt across both campuses, facilitating research for the entire UNB community.

In all, UNB Libraries will spend approximately $800,000 for online resources this year. The estimated value of these resources, were we to be purchasing print, would be well over $6 M.

The additional funding in 2002/2003 will allow us to maintain our current subscriptions and add to our already-extensive suite of electronic information sources. Over 8,000 e-journals are currently available in full-text from the UNB Libraries website. These include the complete files from:

  • Academic Press (280 titles)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (18 titles)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (29 titles)
  • American Chemical Society (34 titles)
  • American Society for Testing of Materials (4 titles)
  • Association for Computing Machinery ( 69 titles)
  • Elsevier (1,468 titles)
  • Institute of Physics ( 36 titles)
  • JSTOR (187 titles)
  • Kluwer (739 titles)
  • Project Muse (192 titles)
  • ProQuest Nursing (311 titles)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry ( 27 titles)
  • Springer-Verlag (427 titles)
  • and others.

Slated to be added to these offerings are:

  • Blackwell