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Research Loans

In anticipation of a new library system to be launched in May, we request that Research Loan material borrowed over the coming term be returned as soon as you are finished with it. We wish to avoid the traditional rush of renewals and returns in early May.

The formal due date for this material will be September 2013 so renewal will not be required at the end of the Winter term.

The material will remain subject to recall. As always, if you are vacationing or travelling away from campus for more than a few days, please return library materials before you go.

Students due to graduate must return Research Loan materials in May even though printed receipts will show September.

Preparation for the new system requires a change of practice with respect to inter-campus borrowing. Once an item reaches its renewal limit, it must be returned to its home campus.

For further information, please contact Lesley Balcom (, 458-7056) or Steve Lelievre (, 452-6039)