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Open Access Week!

UNB Libraries are happy to celebrate Open Access Week!


Open Access Week is an annual, global event celebrating and promoting open access initiatives throughout the academic and research community. During the week, groups ranging from librarians to researchers, students, communities of practice, and professional organizations use the opportunity to spread the word about how open access not only has the potential to benefit researchers, but change the way we disseminate knowledge.

This year, we’ve decided to use the occasion to announce upcoming Open Access Town Hall events. By the end of November, we hope to host two events hosted by our Scholarly Communications Librarian, Mike Nason, where he will speak about the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications, developments with the UNB Scholar Research Repository, and then open the floor up for a general discussion on Open Access issues such as Author’s Rights, mandates, where to find journal/publisher policies, predatory publishers, and many more subjects.

In the spirit of OA week, here are some excellent resources promoting open access literacy, and some tools for faculty/staff/students.

Open Access @ UNB

Open Access Literacy

Peter Suber’s Overview of Open Access // Peter Suber is one of the most respected figures in OA. This overview serves as an excellent starting point for OA literacy.
Open Access Explained – Piled Higher and Deeper // A tremendously relevant and accessible video about OA by the creators of PhD Comics.

Publishing Tools and Resources

SHERPA/RoMEO // A database of journal OA policies to help determine the rights of authors to directly share or otherwise make their work available outside of the publication.
Think Check Submit // A resource for authors to help researchers identify trusted journals for their publications.
The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Research Coalition (SPARC) // A respected resource for protecting both author’s rights and copyright.