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New JSTOR Collections Now Available

UNB Libraries is pleased to announce that three new collections have been added to JSTOR: Arts & Sciences Collections III and IV and the Arts and Sciences Complement. These new collections complete our JSTOR holdings. Please remember that JSTOR is an archival file which does not include the current content of the journals provided by the service. Fulltext content is included up to a moving wall of one-to-five years. UNB Libraries owns perpetual rights to this content.

As a result of this latest acquisition, 140 new titles appear in our e-Journals database to serve the research needs of students and faculty in a variety of disciplines. The following are some specifics on each of the new collections:

Focused on the arts and humanities, the Arts & Sciences III Collection will contain a minimum of 120 titles at completion. In early 2003, the collection made available over 70 journals covering language and literature, music and the history and study of art and architecture. The completed collection will include additional titles in these fields as well as cultural studies, film, folklore, performing arts, and religion. The collection will be complete by the end of 2005.

The Arts & Sciences IV Collection will include a minimum of 100 titles and will be released beginning in early 2004 and concluding in 2006. Law, psychology, and public policy and administration are the new areas introduced with this collection. The collection will also include business and education titles.

For the Arts & Sciences Complement, journals may be focused in any of the more than 30 arts, humanities, and social sciences disciplines covered by JSTOR. The aim is to introduce important titles that JSTOR was unable to include in earlier collections and to capture journals that cross discipline boundaries. A minimum of 150 titles will be added over five years, beginning in early 2004 and concluding by the end of 2008.

Arts & Sciences Complement Titles Available as of 3/10/2004:

The Americas, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Latin American Antiquity, Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, Social Problems, Southern Economic Journal, The Western Historical Quarterly

As you will have noted, these collections are in development. New titles will be added to the e-Journals database as they become available.