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New Borrowing Policy – July 16

UNB Libraries has implemented a new borrowing policy that becomes effective on July 16, 2007.

The most notable changes to the policy are:

  • 2 week loan period for undergraduate borrowers (with a guarantee of 2 weeks in case of a recall)
  • daily fine system of $1 per day/per item to a maximum of $10 (from the current $10 fine imposed after 30 days past due)

In creating the new policy, UNB Libraries’ staff examined current policies at other academic libraries and also considered our patrons’ borrowing habits and perceived desires. The aim of the new borrowing policy is to optimize the availability and use of library resources and to promote equity of access to information.

Please take a little time to review the new policy on the Library’s website at:


For further information, please contact Gillian Robinson, Head – Circulation Dept. at, or Jocelyne Thompson, Head