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Meet You At Gutenbrews!

After a period of intense percolation, the HIL Coffee Shop has a new name. The winning name is Gutenbrews!

David Gants (UNB English Department) submitted the name “Gutenbrews” which acknowledges Johann Gutenberg, the German goldsmith and printer credited with the invention of printing using movable metallic type in the 1430s; Gutenberg also made the first printed Bible, known as the Gutenberg Bible.

Students, staff and faculty from both campuses (UNB & STU) submitted over 300 names in the “Name the Coffee Shop” contest. The Committee had quite a time narrowing the names down to a Top 10 and then making a final selection.

There were so many interesting names that, in addition to the top prize of a “Coffee for the Term” card, Sodexho kindly offered 2 runner-up prizes (2 cards for the equivalent of 1 coffee per week for the term).

Our friendly Coffee Shop baristas drew the two additional prizes which went to Lauren Fowler and Marco Flores Jr. Both Lauren and Marco are students at UNB.

Thanks to everyone in our campus communities who participated. Don’t forget to spread the word…meet you at Gutenbrews!