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LLMC – Digital

New to the Reference Materials area on our UNB Libraries Home Page, is a very useful resource for legal researchers and historians entitled LLMC – Digital.

LLMC – Digital provides full-text access to a vast collection of law and law-related literature courtesy of the Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC), a non-profit library cooperative that has filmed more than 7,500 titles and over 90,000 volumes during its past 27 years of operation.

The first group of titles mounted on the LLMC – Digital web site are U.S. Federal documents; however, it is anticipated that constitutional, legal, and law-related materials from Commonwealth and Civil Law countries will begin to appear in March or April 2004.

The collection includes statutes, treatises, case law, administrative decisions, and reports of government agencies, boards and departments and its current emphasis is mainly on historical documents (1790 – 2000).

Further information about LLMC – Digital including details of the titles available can be obtained at // or by contacting the The Gerard V. La Forest Law Library at