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Hein-On-Line Journals Now Available

Over the fall, thanks to a cooperative endeavour between the Law Library and Harriet Irving Library, several legal electronic resources have been added to the e-Resources section of the UNB Libraries web site. These are products for which the Law Library has purchased site licenses for UNB and STU. Through the e-Resources pages, they are now easily accessible anywhere on campus, and off campus through the proxy server. In addition to helping law faculty and students, these resources will also be useful to those doing research in a wide variety of other fields – criminology, human rights, native studies, business, environmental studies, women’s studies, to name only some.

Approximately 150 legal journals in full text have been added to the e-Journals page. These are supplied through Hein-on-Line and Hein-on-Line, the larger collection, contains back runs of many well-known American law journals, as well as some Canadian titles, and the list continues to grow. publishes on-line journals and working paper series in the fields of law, legal theory, and law and economics.

Two legal databases have also been added to the e-Reference Sources. LegalTrac is an index to articles in approximately 1600 legal periodicals. These include American law reviews, legal newspapers, bar association journals, and international law journals, including many Canadian titles (some of which are French-language). It also includes references to law-related articles from business and general interest publications. Full text articles are available for 275 periodicals, mainly the general interest publications.

Justis is a searchable collection of legal databases containing cases and legislation from the United Kingdom, treaties and legislation from the European Community, and cases and related documents from the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Melinda Renner will be demonstrating these resources at the E-Info Lab Special Topics session being held on the morning of February 15 in the Instructional Technology Learning Centre (ITLC), Harriet Irving Library. To register for the session, please visit // and register for E-Info Lab # 10.