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Free Peruvian Film Series

Free Peruvian film series

Free Peruvian Film Series
Serie de Películas Peruanas Gratis

Hosted by Dr. Sophie Lavoie, Culture & Media Studies

4 films across 4 days

The Best Families
Las mejores familias (2020)

Director: Javier Fuentes-León
Genre: Drama / comedy

Two sisters come from a modest environment and work as housemaids for women of Peru’s upper class. They are almost considered a part of the families or so it seems… One day, a celebration gathers the families and a long-held secret involving both households is exposed, blowing up their perfect aristocratic world forever.

Thursday November 16 at 7pm
Milham Room, Harriet Irving Library

The Healing Land
Hatun Phaqcha (2021)

Director: Delia Ackerman
Genre: Documentary

The film showcases the cultivation and uses of various traditional crops domesticated in pre-Columbian Perú. Taking us through the culturally and biologically diverse regions of this country, the film highlights the remarkable health benefits and nutritional value of products that are often unknown or overlooked. Why is it so important to preserve these crops and increase uses in the diets of people across the world?

Thursday November 23 at 7pm
Milham Room, Harriet Irving Library

Silent Trilogy
Trilogia Muda (2022)

Director: Daniel Rodríguez Risco
Genre: Silent Film
English Subtitles

A current of thought unites the three episodes in a coherent way, embodied with few elements, and that makes of space, time, and movement, purely cinematographic modes of expression. Voice is not needed. Yes there are sounds, music, but not human voices, as in primitive cinema. There are faces, slow or fast movements, despair, fatality, a barely glimpsed horror, desire and fear of freedom. There is also love, perhaps as an illusion, rather than as a reality.

Thursday November 30 at 7pm
Milham Room, Harriet Irving Library

Ainbo: The Spirit of the Amazon

Directors: Jose Zelada and Richard Claus
Genre: Children’s film

In the spirit of Moana and Frozen, this film is the epic journey of a young hero and her Spirit Guides, “Dillo,” a cute and humorous armadillo and “Vaca,” a goofy oversized tapir, who embark on a quest to save their home in the spectacular Amazon Rainforest.

December 2 at 11am
Chickadee Room, Fredericton Public Library

All are welcome!
Free parking on UNB Campus in the evening.

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