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An Exhibition Of Atlantic Canadian Books For Youth

Sea Stacks At Low Tide, an exhibition of Atlantic Canadian books for Children and Young Adults, is taking place in the Eileen Wallace Collection of  Harriet Irving Library during Congress. The exhibition runs from May 28th-June 3rd Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm; Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Members of the public as well as those attending the Congress of the Social Sciences & Humanities are encouraged to attend.

The Eileen Wallace Collection at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) is the largest research collection of children’s literature in Atlantic Canada. Its holdings are historically and regionally diverse, with an extensive representation of literature published in, by and about Atlantic Canada. Visit us at

District 18’s Enriching Visual Literacies Project saw children from two Fredericton-area elementary schools spend time learning about artistic techniques and the principles of visual literacy before producing their own picture books. A number of these books will be on display alongside a broader sampling of Atlantic Canadian books for children and young adults from the Wallace Collection.

Sea Stacks At Low Tide grows out of a larger collaborative research project among Dalhousie and Acadia Universities and the University of New Brunswick, entitled Sea Stacks: Atlantic Canadian Books for Children and Young Adults, 1978-2011,