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Elsevier Releases Science Server 5.1 And New Website

University of Toronto has put the finishing touches on the latest release of their ScienceServer, now version 5.1.01. This is the server that hosts all of UNB Libraries access to Elsevier Science journals. It is now in full production and as of May 31st, U of T will no longer be updating content on the old server – version 3.2. A description of the changes from version 3.2 to 5.1 is available at //

The new server carries a very different URL. UNB Libraries has now updated all existing Elsevier URLs in our database to the new server’s address.

The new ScienceServer Browse and Quick Search is available at:

Elsevier has indicated that as of May 31st all old links to ScienceServer 3.2 will automatically be redirected to the corresponding page or journal on the new server. All content from the old server has been included on the new server. Old bookmarks will continue to work for sometime but users are encouraged to update them.