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Ebrary Reader Plugin Update On February 15th

From ebrary:

On 2/15/2005 we will deploy an update to the ebrary site including new ebrary Reader plugin software. We expect no down time for the update, however active users will lose their sessions and may be forced to log in again to the site.

The ebrary Reader for PC/Windows plugin version 3.1.1 includes several new features, developed based on feedback from customers:

  • Copyright information in citations: publisher copyright details (date, publisher name, copyright statement) are now automatically included with every citation, when copied and pasted or printed.
  • Customizable citations: ebrary now offers four user-selectable and administrator-customizable citation styles, which are automatically included when text is copied and pasted or printed. All ebrary citations include a URL to the exact page from which the information was obtained. In addition to the ebrary Standard format, a user can choose from Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Alliance for Computers and Writing (ACW) citation styles.
  • Refine search option in InfoTools: ebrary now allows patrons to perform an Advanced Search on any text within a document (versus Simple Search in the prior release) using InfoTools.
  • “Scale to Width” feature in the Zoom menu: in addition to scaling a page to fit lengthwise into the ebrary Reader frame, without scrolling (using the Scale to Fit option), the user can now scale to fit the document page horizontally in the Reader frame.
  • Support for Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Improved stability.

This release also updates the ebrary Reader for Macintosh plugin to version 2.7, providing improved stability.

Current ebrary users (who have the ebrary Reader installed) will encounter a pop-up alert requesting installation of the new plugin. The user may choose to install immediately (no reboot required), not install at all, or “Remind me later.” If the last option is chosen, the user will see this alert pop up again in 30 days. Note that users must have administrative privileges to install the update. This ebrary Reader update for current users is currently optional, however it may become mandatory in the future. All new ebrary Reader installations will be provided the latest version.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

We appreciate your business and support.

Sincerely, ebrary Customer Support