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Digital Microform Scanner Acquired By The Harriet Irving Library

Microforms Scanner Whether analyzing the types of fonts used in fifteenth century literature, saving patents of mechanical engineering inventions from 1990 to a disk, or printing an image of a bicycle manufacturer advertisement from the 1920’s, the digital microform scanner is a valuable tool for researchers of all levels. The Library is pleased to offer patrons working with material on microform much clearer images and more export options.

The Minolta MS 2000 Scanner, located in the Microforms Dept., allows library users, including the public, to convert a microfilm or microfiche image into digital information. It gives users the ability to easily enlarge, brighten, and change the contrast of documents. The image can then not only be printed, but saved to a floppy or CD disc.

A TIFF viewer, such as Windows Imaging, is necessary to open the image file. Windows Imaging is standard Windows software. Some image files will be too large for a floppy disc; thus a CD is recommended. CD’s are available from the Microforms staff.

NOTE: Fees are applicable for printing and downloading to CD. Microforms staff are required to complete the CD burning process and are available for assistance at these times.

For more information, please contact the Microforms Department