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Digital Media In The Classroom

Friday, 14 November 2014 (1:30-3:00pm)
Harriet Irving Library, Milham Room
UNB Fredericton campus

You are invited to participate in a presentation and discussion on the use of film and digital media in the classroom. Just as learners have come to expect differentiated, media-rich pedagogy, so too are instructors increasingly availing themselves of such content and the means of production for creating their own innovative teaching materials.

UNB Libraries and DOCTalks are interested in discussing with you some of the ways in which film and digital media are currently being used in teaching and learning on university campuses (whether virtual or physical). We would also like to learn more about your own needs in this regard so that services on UNB and STU campuses evolve appropriately and key stakeholders–the “content” people such as yourselves and the film & digital media producers–synergize their efforts.

Marc Bragdon, UNB Fredericton Film Librarian, will present briefly on developments in access to and incorporation of streaming media in learning environments and also discuss from an instructional perspective how the library is creating online video materials for promoting digital literacy.

Lloyd Salomone, co-founder of DOCTalks Festival & Symposium and independent film and digital media producer, will discuss cross-sector collaborations and partnerships.

Please RSVP to Marc Bragdon, UNB Fredericton Film Librarian, (458-7741).