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Children’s Literature Collection Display And Calendars

The latest display in the lobby of the Harriet Irving Library features a range of books from the Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature collection. Arranged around a series of themes, the display highlights the work of 13 influential author/illustrators, depicts multiple versions of Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and the Mother Goose rhyme, “Jack and Jill,” gives an overview of noted Canadian illustration awards and award winners, and showcases the books and illustrations that were selected for the Eileen Wallace 2004 wall calendar.

The display has the same title as the calendar–Allow Me to Illustrate–and is intended to raise awareness of the collection’s strengths while at the same time promoting the calendar project. It was designed by Jennifer Roberge-Renaud, summer assistant curator in the CLC, and Rebecca Cornell. Both invested a lot of time and creative energy to the project. We hope you enjoy the results…and that you buy a calendar or two.

Sue Fisher, Curator
Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection