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News Archives for June 2016

NEW Accessible Washroom At HIL

There’s a new accessible washroom at the Harriet Irving Library!

Located on the east side of the building, next to the Data/GIS Lab on the third floor.

floorplan of HIL 3rd floor

Summer Statutory Holidays

Please note that all UNB Libraries will be closed on the statutory holidays during the summer:

Monday, May 23 (Victoria Day)
Friday, July 1 (Canada Day)
Monday, August 1 (New Brunswick Day)
Monday, September 5 (Labour Day)

As always, however, UNB Libraries’ e-resources will remain accessible 24/7.

Congratulations To Dr. C. Mary Young

UNB Libraries would like to extend sincere congratulations to Dr. C. Mary Young on having been awarded an honorary D.Sc. from the University of New Brunswick at the 187th Encaenia on May 18th, 2016.

Watch the video below to see the honorary degree conferred on Dr. C. Mary Young and to hear her address to the 2016 graduating classes of Biology and Nursing.

Dr. Young has a bachelor of science degree in zoology and botany from Bristol University with honours and a PhD from London University. She also studied at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she researched the resistance of insects to insecticides, supported by the Medical Research Council. In 1953, she received a Fulbright travel fellowship to visit laboratories involved in insect resistance studies in the eastern United States.

In 1975, Dr. Young began volunteering in the Connell Memorial Herbarium at UNB, a museum that houses over 60,000 scientific specimens of plants, mostly collected in New Brunswick. She is the herbarium’s most longstanding volunteer and has volunteered countless hours in helping to curate, map and catalogue the collections. In 1987, Dr. Young became one of the founders and guiding figures of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.

Last year, UNB Libraries published Dr. Young’s study Nature’s Bounty: Four Centuries of Plant Exploration in New Brunswick. The publication is significant in its contribution both to the history of plants in New Brunswick and to the history of UNB.

“Just like the scholars and scientists that she highlights in her book, Mary exemplifies the time-honoured tradition of a scientist and scholar with a broad range of expertise that extends well beyond the discipline that she devoted her career to. Mary’s academic training and career focused on entomology, but she has become a very knowledgeable botanist, both in the field and in the laboratory. Her scientific expertise and her love of botany are clearly evident in her botanical illustrations that accompany this book; these are not only accurate but beautiful.”
~Dr. James Goltz, from the Foreword


Carto 2016


50 Years:
Mapping our past; Navigating our future

50th Annual Conference of the
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA)

Harriet Irving Library
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick
14-17 June 2016

Since its inception in 1967, the ACMA has actively served as the representative professional group for Canadian map librarians, cartographic archivists and others interested in geographic information in all formats.

As the ACMLA celebrates its 50th anniversary, a “golden” opportunity exists to reflect upon the ways in which the Association and its members have supported changing needs across Canada, and celebrate the contributions that have increased awareness, understanding, and value of geospatial and cartographic materials. While embracing lessons learned from the past, we look towards the future to anticipate changing needs, new opportunities, and new strategies for success.

Read abstracts of the conference presentations.

Find out more about the ACMLA, including its history and past conferences.

For more information, please contact Siobhan Hanratty, Data/GIS Librarian, by email or by telephone (451-6803).

130th Anniversary Of Women At UNB

On June 24, 1886, Mary K. Tibbits became the first woman to be admitted to study Arts at UNB.  She had passed the matriculation examination and acquired legal assurance that she was a “person” and therefore eligible to enroll at UNB, but was initially denied admission.  UNB was threatened with curtailment of provincial funding unless the Senate reconsidered its position, which it finally did. Mary Tibbits graduated in 1889.

For information about Mary K. Tibbits from the UNB Archives & Special Collections, see: //