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Ageline Now Available At UNB Libraries

Ageline, the gerontology database, in now available from the UNB Libraries’ website (under e-Resources >> Indexes and Abstracts). AgeLine has long been one of the leading indexes to social gerontology literature, and its producer (AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons) recently made it freely available over the web without access restrictions.

The library’s website provides a detailed description of AgeLine’s contents. Please note the following additional details:

  • UNB Libraries’ link to AgeLine does not go directly to a search screen. You must click on “Search Ageline” on the middle of AARP’s database entry page.
  • While AgeLine does index the core (and related) academic journals in gerontology, it also includes a significant amount of consumer information. However, searches can be limited to materials in any of four broad categories: research/academic, public policy, professional/provider, or general/consumer.

Please direct any questions to Barry Cull, the librarian for gerontology. (Phone: 458-7057)