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Summer Study Skills Workshops

Tuesdays, 4:30-6:00pm
Harriet Irving Library, Seminar Room (109)

The UNB Writing & Study Skills Program will deliver the following series of workshops:

3 July Note-taking/Time Management
Note-taking is critical thinking in practice. Each page of notes represents an active session of interpretation and selection, and each can be a vital part of efficient study. Effective use of time creates space for all your routine activities, leaves room for unexpected assignments, and still saves a place for rest and relaxation.

17 July Critical Thinking and Reading
This workshop will help equip you with the tools necessary for active critical reading. Participants will apply elements of formal and material logic to problem solving and information integration. Mastering critical thinking skills will increase your ability to judge the works you read, analyze their structure, and retain their content!

24 July Effective Formal Writing
Every writer must strive to make his or her language as logical, clear, and concise as possible. This workshop explores ways of mastering crucial elements of effective writing.

31 July Improving Examination Skills
Most courses still end with a traditional examination: a session during which you must demonstrate your complete understanding of a subject. To meet this challenge successfully, you must master not only your course material but three key examination skills as well: stress control, recursive review, and active exam writing. This session will help you to develop strategies for handling most types of exams.

All sessions are free to full- and part-time UNB students. No pre-registration required.