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Marianne Grey Otty Database

Image of a Loyalist

The Microforms Department of the University of New Brunswick Harriet Irving Library is pleased to present to the public the Marianne Grey Otty Database.

The database, available on May 18th, offers information useful to genealogists and historians, as well as students. Anglican Church records from the Gagetown, New Brunswick area provide vital data on Loyalist settlers and their descendants, a group with a significant influence on early New Brunswick history.

A series of travelling ministers tending to scattered communities in New Brunswick kept extensive records from the years 1786 to 1841 that detailed marriages, baptisms, and deaths, along with anecdotal notes. The original materials were transcribed by author and local historian, Marianne Grey Otty (1890-1963). The records centre geographically on Gagetown, Queen’s County, and particularly focus on the New Brunswick communities of Fredericton, Saint Marys, Lincoln, Grand Lake, Waterborough, Long Island, Wickham, Hampstead, Maugherville, Petersville, Sheffield, Kingston, Springfield, Greenwich, and Saint John. However, entries as far flung as Nova Scotia, Ontario, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York are also included.

The Marianne Grey Otty database from the Loyalist Collection provides an opportunity to explore family connections, as well as providing a glimpse into eighteenth- and nineteenth-century New Brunswick.