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Kudos For Judy’s Kiosk!

Congratulations to Judy MacLean for her efforts to alleviate stress by dispensing generous doses of humour along with helpings of research advice!

Inspired by Lucy’s booth in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, Judy MacLean set up a similar booth with the slogan “The Librarian is IN” from which she has been dispensing smiles, small talk, candy, and pencils in addition to answering any and all research questions posed by passers-by.

“I wanted to add a little levity at the Science & Forestry Library by setting up in the IUC concourse for a few hours each morning,” Judy/Lucy says. “Many students are intimidated by or uneasy about using libraries, so they don’t bother coming in. My booth is catching their attention, even if it is just to smile as they walk by. If a student can connect the worlds ‘LIBRARY’ and ‘FUN’ in the same thought bubble, then I will have succeeded.”

The Librarian is IN kiosk was made possible by the support of UNB Libraries, the Office of the Vice-President (Academic), and Student Affairs and Services, UNB Fredericton campus.