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Fundamentals Of Digital Scholarship Workshop – Feb. 4th

Can words and numbers get along? An introduction to computer-assisted textual analysis

Instructor: Dr. Chantal Richard

Date: 4 February 2017, 1pm – 4:00pm

Location: Harriet Irving Library, Data/GIS Lab (HIL 310)

This workshop is useful to researchers in the humanities who would like to explore new ways to analyze large bodies of text using computer-assisted textual analysis. During the first portion, Dr. Chantal Richard, associate professor in the Department of French, will go over some basic foundations in text analysis such as word frequencies, collocation (co-occurrence of words), semantic association, morphological, and content (thematic) analysis. Examples of recent research will show results created with tools available from software programs Hyperbase, Sphinx, Iramuteq, and Tropes. The second portion of the workshop will be hands-on, and will entail manipulation of these programs by participants.

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Fundamentals in Digital Scholarship is a new series of free workshops hosted by UNB Libraries’ Centre for Digital Scholarship, and aimed at introducing the UNB community to current topics, tools, and techniques in digital scholarship. For more information on the series, please contact Erik Moore (