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Fake News On The Rise: Tips For Savvy Media Engagement

Fake news is not new but it has, in the last year or so, played an important role in conversations about news and politics. This presentation will look at examples of fake news and examine its political consequences. It will also give participants tools and strategies to identify and debunk fake news.

Friday, September 15th
2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Room 2A & B, Ludlow Hall
Reception to follow from 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm.


Special Guests: Erin Steuter & Jeff Lilburn, Mount Allison University

Erin Steuter is a Professor of Sociology at Mount Allison University specializing in analysis of the news media. An award winning teacher and researcher, she has published three books, with her co-authors, on the media coverage of the “War on Terror”. Her PhD dissertation was on the monopoly ownership of the media in New Brunswick and she has published several articles on the newspaper ownership of the Irving Family and its impact in this region.

Jeff Lilburn is Public Services Librarian at Mount Allison University.  He is subject librarian for English and French Literature, Drama and Sociology.  His research areas include information literacy and media literacy, library practice surrounding social media and the corporate control of privacy, and the relationship between the rise of audit culture and use of standardized service-quality surveys by libraries.