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Atlantic Loyalist Connections


Offering glimpses into The Loyalist Collection, this blog illuminates relations within the British colonial Atlantic world as reflected through the wealth of primary sources, such as letters and administrative documents.

Be amused by fun facts about Edward Winslow, a key Loyalist figure in New Brunswick, such as his penchant for creative insults (e.g. “a great lubberly insolent Irish rebel”) or his having stopped what became the province of New Brunswick from being named “Guy”!

In the entry “License for Piracy,” learn about the 18th- and 19th-century Atlantic world of privateering (sanctioned seizure of cargoes or ships belonging to enemy nations) that emerges from the impressive collection of primary documents.

Current and upcoming blog post topics include slavery, loyalist biographies, local government, piracy and privateering, and palaeography.

Look, explore, share Atlantic Loyalist Connections!

For more information, please contact Dr. Leah Grandy (; 453-4834).