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Example 1: Two and two
From the Wapikoni Mobile project

Example 2: Childhood prolonged / L'enfance eternel

Example 3: Mactaquac

Cellphilming - introduction, including storyboarding template

Example storyboard and film treatment:

Storyboarding example ->

Example film treatment

Marc's final video: Popcorn Promenade:

wevideo resources

wevideo is a free, bare-bones video editing app downloadable from your iPhone or Android (Samsung) app store.

How to Create a Video Using WeVideo for iPhone

How to Create a Video Using WeVideo for Android

iMovie resources

How to use iMovie on iPhone - complete beginner's guide

Note that you may find it a challenge to email or upload a video due to most email programs' space constraints. If so, try downloading and using a free large file transfer and storage app such as UNB's OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive, each available from your phone's app store.

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