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HEAL 3001 (SJ) Guide Ask Us

Guide Sections

Using this Guide

This guide was created to help you complete your assignments in HEAL3001. We've curated sources to help get you started and provided some additional tips and tricks for finding sources for this course. You're not limited to these sources, but they can be a good place to start if you're not sure where to find credible sources. 

Media Scans Use the suggested news sources to help with your media scans
Editorial/Letter to Political Leader Use the listed resources and tips to find and read background info on a topic. This will help you choose and narrow down your group presentation/paper topic 
Class Presentation Use the article databases to search for scholarly, peer reviewed articles related to your topic
Use & cite your sources Use the listed resources to help you accurately credit and reference authors' work in your assignment.
Get help Use the info listed to contact a librarian when you have questions or need help. 

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