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David Ross


Head Librarian
UNB Saint John

I've been a librarian at UNB since 2007. Currently, I'm the Head Librarian on the Saint John campus and the library's liaison for the following departments and programs in Saint John: Classics, Communication Studies, Education, History, Politics, and Sociology.

I received a BA in History and Classics from Acadia University, an MA in History from Simon Fraser University, and an MLIS from Dalhousie University.

I love being a librarian! I also love baseball, backgammon, jokes, and spending time with family and friends. 

If you need help with a research assignment, or have questions about the library, please don't hesitate to contact me! You're always welcome to drop by my office in the Hans W. Klohn Commons (room 113). You can also reach me at or at 506-648-5832 (phone or text message).

Here are some examples of the kinds of things I can help with:

  • Finding an answer that you can trust (from a reliable source) to a specific question
  • Figuring out or narrowing down a research topic for a paper/assignment
  • Identifying and evaluating sources, including how to distinguish source types and how to choose sources based on your research context
  • Tracking down a copy of a specific book, article, or other source
  • Strategies for searching for information and accessing scholarly sources (such as data, statistics, books, etc.) and peer-reviewed articles, including how to use academic databases and Google Scholar
  • Learning how to manage your sources and research using a citation management program like Zotero
  • Navigating UNB Libraries’ website and physical library spaces