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Learn About a Topic

How do I find background information and learn more about a topic?

To get started, it can be helpful to learn more information about a topic before jumping right into searching for journal articles. Doing some background research and reading can save you time and help you find ways to narrow your topic down. Background research can be done through quick Google searches and reading credible websites, looking at e-book chapters, or encyclopedia entries. 

e-Books (from UNB Worldcat)

 important to noteIt's important to evaluate the background sources you consult.

Consider who published or authored the information, what the purpose of it is, and how old is the information. Wikipedia can be useful to get to know more about topics, but should not be cited in academic assignments. Look at the references to follow the information back to the primary sources, and cite those instead.

You can also search UNB Worldcat to find related e-books on other topics:

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