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Where can I get more information on copyright?

Guides and Copyright Agreements

UNB's Office of Research Services
This is ORS's Technology and Knowledge Transfer page, which includes intellectual property links for researchers.

Intellectual Property Article 38; UNB-AUNBT Collective Agreement
Article 38 of the current faculty collective agreement discusses the ownership of faculty members' intellectual property and copyright.

A Guide to Copyrights
A plain introduction to copyright, including information on the registration of copyright, written by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the federal agency responsible for administering copyrights.

Canadian Copyright Act
A searchable online copy of the full Act from the Department of Justice.

Canadian Governmental Agencies

Canadian Heritage - Copyright Policy Branch
The Department of Heritage is responsible for formulating and implementing Canadian copyright policy and has been consulting various stakeholders on the copyright reform process.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, the other federal department involved with copyright issues, has an extensive site on copyright issues. It includes the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (, which administers copyrights.

User Associations

CLA—Canadian Library Association
This extensive site links to Canadian legislation and international treaties and agreements, various rights holders' collectives and societies, and readings on copyright law.

CARL—Canadian Association of Research Libraries
CARL's key copyright concepts for librarians, academics, and students.

CAUT—Canadian Association of University Teachers
CAUT's latest news and resources on intellectual property.