Printing, Scanning & Photocopying

Photocopiers, printers, and scanners are available at each library location. Microform reader-printers are available at the Harriet Irving Library and the Hans W. Klohn Commons. For location-specific policies and additional information, select from among the library links below. Photocopying is available using UCard cash at each of the Fredericton campus libraries. You may also wish to examine Copyright at UNB and any copyright notices posted near the photocopiers, scanners, and printers.

UCard / Print Credits:
You need to have money on your UCard (UNB/STU photo ID) to print or photocopy on campus. To check your UCard balance, go to UCard Online (accessed through your myUNB Portal), the HIL PHIL station, or the UCard Office in the UNB Student Union Building. Learn how to deposit money on your UCard.

Pricing (Feb 2017):

For information on printing from personal laptops, visit the ITS website.


Photo: Printing and Photocopying

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