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Storing & Sharing Your Data

Services for Storing Data

UNB Libraries maintains an online repository for local researcher data called UNB Dataverse. This allows you to upload and control versions of your dataset for either public or local university use.

If you are interested in depositing your data in the UNB Dataverse, please contact Research Data Management Services before making an account.

Services for Sharing Data

Sharing the data behind your research promotes the best features of science: transparency and replicability. UNB Libraries is happy to assist you in this process.

How, where, and when you share your data will be determined by prior data management plans, funding agreements, journal publication requirements, and privacy laws. In addition to helping you with planning, librarians can provide support and assistance in packaging your data so that it can be best used by others and ensure long-term preservation. If you are considering sharing your data and you are not sure where to start, or you have questions, please contact UNB Libraries' Research Data Management Services

Other Repositories

Your discipline or research area may already have an established data repository online. Some examples are:

Try searching or browsing for more options.


UNB Libraries Research Data Management Services support team includes:

  • James MacKenzie | Acting Associate Dean
  • Siobhan Hanratty | Data/GIS Librarian
  • Tatiana Zaraiskaya | STEM Librarian
  • Mike Nason | Scholarly Communications Librarian