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Care Plan Resources

This purpose of this guide is to support you in your clinical practica and point you towards trustworthy resources you need the most. Each tab on this guide contains detailed / specific resources, including resources about drugs, diseases, tests, and community health.

This tab lists the core resources to help you make nursing care plans and how-to guides to help navigate them.

Care Plan Resources

Nursing Care Plans: Guidelines for Individualizing Clinical Care Across the Lifespan

This e-book offers detailed nursing care plans for many major health conditions.  Conditions are broken down into broad categories and are best navigated by using the expandable table of contents located on the left-hand side of the screen.  This book has the majority of the information you will need for your care plans throughout your degree.

 Access the primer for using this resource . 

Davis's Diseases and Disorders

This e-book contains information on more than 240 diseases and disorders. Each disorder includes clear, comprehensive discussions of pathophysiologywith rationales in the test and intervention sectionsto promote effective delivery of care.

 Access the primer for using this resource.

Davis’s Comprehensive Manual Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

This e-book provides you with everything you need to understand how laboratory and diagnostic tests work, interpret their results, and care for the patient throughout the process.

 Access the primer for using this resource.

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

Written for nurses, this e-book provides you with information on how to safely administer medications to patients of all ages.

 Access the primer for using this resource

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