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Eileen Wallace Research Fellowship In Children's Literature

Dr. Eileen Wallace has provided funding for the purpose of research and scholarship in the field of children's literature. The award is valued up to $5,000 Canadian per annum. To be eligible for this award, an applicant must show evidence of scholarly knowledge in the field of children's literature, use UNB's Children's Literature Collection in the course of the research and acknowledge both the fellowship and the collection in any subsequent publication. This award is not intended to support research toward the completion of a degree program. Applications should be made to the Dean of Libraries, University of New Brunswick by March 1st of each year.

The winner will be selected by UNB's Wallace Fellowship Committee. The committee reserves the right to make no award in any given year. Other awards may be held in conjunction with this award. Interested applicants should follow the guidelines set out in the application.

Fellowship Recipients

Helene Staveley, Memorial University
Research Area: Depictions of play and gaming in Atlantic Canadian books for children and young adults
No fellowship awarded
Margot Stafford, Rockhurst Unversity
Research area: the children's books of Brunswick Press, Fredericton
No fellowship awarded
Megan Swift, University of Victoria
Research area: Illustrated literature in the Soviet Union post-Stalin
Fellowship Lecture: Raising Tiny Comrades: Picture Books in the Soviet Union
Megan Swift, University of Victoria
Research area: Illustrated literature under Lenin and Stalin, 1917–1953
Fellowship Lecture: Banning Magic: The Fairy Tale Under Lenin and Stalin
Farah Mendlesohn, Middlesex University, London
Research area: A historical survey of Canadian fantasy literature for children and young adults
Fellowship Lecture Series:
  • The enclosed child-garden of the nineteenth-century fantasy
  • Escaping the influence of Narnia in the Inter-War fantasy
  • Destiny and decline in the post-war fantasy
  • Canadian children's fantasy: the results of research in the Wallace Collection
Vivian Howard, Dalhousie University
Research area: Atlantic Canadian literature for children and young adults
Fellowship Lecture: The Regional Geography of Creativity: The Impetus for Sea Stacks
Sheree Fitch, creative writer, and Anne Hunt, University of New Brunswick
Research area: Atlantic Canadian poetry for children
Fellowship Lecture: Atlantic Canadian poetry for children: an interactive talk and display
No award granted
Roxanne Harde, University of Alberta, Augustana Campus
Research area: 19th-century American and Canadian literature for children as it intersects with theology, activism and broader cultural contexts
Fellowship Lecture: "Better friends": Animal Rights and the Wallace Collection

Andrea Schwenke-Wyile, Acadia University
Research area: Theorizing the picture book of ideas
Fellowship Lecture: Content Matters: Engaging with Ideas in Picturebook Form
Note: In 2007-08, the fellowship was divided among joint recipients.
No award granted
Michelle Superle, University College of the Fraser Valley
Research area: The representation of dogs and animal rights in Canadian literature for children
Farah Mendlesohn, Middlesex University, Reading, UK
Research area: The cognitive demands of science fiction as a genre in relation to science fiction for children
Rhoda Zuk and Donna Varga, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS
Research area: Teddy bears and golliwogs: Racial politics in illustrated books, 1895-1968
Fellowship Lecture: Wallpaper: The Persistence of Golliwogs and Symbolic Violence in Children's Book Culture
Note: In 2003-04, the fellowship was divided among joint recipients.
Shelley Nelson, University of New Brunswick
Research area: The influence of turn-of-the-century conduct novels for girls on the development of Atlantic Canadian women missionaries

Shannon Murray, University of Prince Edward Island
Research area: The intertextual traces of Pilgrim's Progress in books for children
Note: In 2002-03, the fellowship was divided among joint recipients.
Krista Johansen, Sackville, NB
Research area: Creative writer, Krista Johansen conducted research on the history of children's fantasy literature
Rowena Edlin White, University of Nottingham, UK
Research area: Kate Douglas Wiggins
Yuko Katsura, Japan
Research area: Translation of the work of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts into Japanese

Please feel free to promote this fellowship widely. Any promotion should contain a link to this web page so that potential applicants will have access to the full application form (pdf).