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Scholarly Communications

Scholarly Communications is a term that represents the process by which scholars – academics, researchers, and students alike – publish or otherwise share the products of their research. The Scholarly Communications Cycle includes the discovery, assimilation, creation, dissemination and preservation of information and knowledge. Throughout the last decade, Scholarly Communications have increasingly drifted to electronic resources such as digital repositories and online journals. The Centre for Digital Scholarship aims to strongly support Scholarly Communications at the University of New Brunswick.

Some current areas of interest to the Centre are:

  • open access
  • research data management
  • digital preservation
  • author’s rights
  • scholarly publishing, including:
    • ebooks
    • electronic journals
    • open textbooks
    • library publishing initiatives
  • digital repositories (institutional, discipline-based, and digital collections)
  • scholarly communications literacy instruction
  • open access literacy instruction

UNB Scholar Research Repository

The UNB Scholar Research Repository is a repository initiative by UNB Libraries. It represents an explicit focus on open access, communication, and transparency in Scholarly Communications at the University of New Brunswick.

Our intent is to collect, preserve, share, and promote the scholarly output of interested faculty, staff, and students at the University of New Brunswick. As more open access content is added to UNB Scholar, the tool will become an essential form of dissemination of UNB research to both the New Brunswick public and the global scholarly community.

UNB Scholar features:

  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations
  • Open access versions of submitted work from the UNB research community
  • Collections for Research Groups and Institutes
  • Undergraduate Senior Reports*
  • Other digital collections as the service grows.

* For licensing and/or copyright reasons, some content in UNB Scholar is restricted to the UNB community only. If you are a member of the UNB community, you may log in using your UNB email credentials to view restricted content.

For more information on the UNB Scholar project please contact Mike Nason, Scholarly Communications Librarian, UNB Libraries.


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