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How to Read a Government Documents Call Number

The Government Documents Classification has been developed locally to represent jurisdictions and subordinate governmental agencies by combinations of letters and numerals. For instance, L represents Canadian Provinces, L19 designates New Brunswick, and L19EA17 is the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture.

Government Documents call numbers are used with materials in the location, HIL-GOV, and in some other locations associated with the Government Documents, Data and Maps Department.

Here is an example of a Government Documents call number as it appears in a UNB WorldCat record:

TIB9 W927be 1991

On the book spine this call number appears as:


The first line is read as an alphabetic sequence followed by a numeric sequence. The second line is similar to comparable lines in Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal call numbers. It is read character by character. The last line is a date line and files numerically.