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What is UNB Scholar?

UNB Scholar is UNB's Institutional Repository. It is an initiative of UNB Libraries to collect, preserve, and showcase the scholarly output the UNB community. UNB Scholar replaces RiverRun (our former iteration of an institutional repository) with a focus on Open Access and transparency.

What sorts of “scholarly output”?

Users will be encouraged to submit any of the following types of scholarly or creative output:

  • Journal Articles*

  • Technical Reports

  • Conference Proceedings

  • Presentations*

  • Graduate Theses and Dissertations

  • Graduate Project Reports

  • Select Undergraduate Work

  • Other types of media and Grey Literature

*Content entering the repository will be checked for copyright and/or licensing clearance before availability online with the help of the UNB Libraries Copyright Officer.

Why should I participate?

Dissemination // Open access material deposited in UNB Scholar will be indexed by Google Scholar. This means increased discoverability and access to your work. Increased access can lead to more citations and greater impact for your research.

Open Access //The Tri-Agency Open Access Policy for Publication stipulates that all published scholarship as a result of Tri-Agency funding must be made publicly available within 12 months of original publication. One of the means for meeting these requirements (besides publishing in an open access journal) is to deposit a post-print (or peer reviewed manuscript) to an institutional repository within 12 months of publication. UNB Scholar is here to help you meet your funding agency requirements.

UNB Libraries welcomes submissions to the growing collections in UNB Scholar.

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